7 Genuine Reasons To Go For Linux Over Windows

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OK, don’t get scared from the tile of article. I know that it can be really creepy for someone who is a windows aficionado. That’s why you should go through this article before making any presumption so that you can digest what i really want to convey.
Windows is, no doubt, a very handy and apt for newbie desktop user. People are using windows for long time and have seen many generations of windows. They are so attached to its desktop prototype that its really hard for them to even dream of any alternative.
Still there are reasons, which put Linux apart from Windows. If you are a technical savvy person you would probably know Linux is:
  • Open Source: One can see and tweak its source code as per need. You can  look at the its source code.
  • Secure: It has differnt user’s permission, file/folder ownership an privilege levels.You don’t need to run any anti-virus program.
  • Hardware Requirement: Linux requires minimum system hardware and resources.
  • Reliability: Linux performance remains smooth over time.
To make this technical jargon easy to grasp, i try to make it simple for a newbie to understand it.


  1. First of all, the most important thing, it is free to use almost all Linux distributions. There are no license fee like Windows, no subscription fee. This is a plus point if you are thinking to try it now.
  2. It is almost virus free OS, you don’t need to buy any premium anti-virus program. Unlike Windows where you have to purchase anti-virus program and keep renewing it every year.
  3. If you want to be a developer, Linux has that much resources, tools and resiliency that is hard to found elsewhere.
  4. Most used distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, Mint etc. have a very supportive and strong community for all your problems.
  5. Linux can revive your old machine with very low hardware that you are thinking to sell-off or tossing it to trash. You can turn it into local web browser, network-attached storage, a backup machine etc. The reason is that Linux can run smoothly even on very low RAM and CPU.
  6. Heavy resource draining softwares like Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Netbeans, Office Softwares run very swiftly on Linux as compared to Ubuntu.
  7. Many Linux distributions can be used without installation in live CD mode, however this is not possible with windows. It can be installed even on external storage device for use on the go, so that you can carry your work where you go without carrying your laptop or PC.
Hopefully this article has really convinced you to try some Linux distribution.