early rising

Do you want a superb day today? Do you want to be ahead of your rival in business? Do you want your mind to think outside of the box?- Then read this post to know how early rising can really help you achieve your goals in a very short time.

We as a human have a tendency to make most of our day. We want to be more productive through out the day. We look for ways that can make us more happier and healthier. People around the globe always look for smart ways to help them achieve their goals easily and quickly. But how is early rising going to help here?

Christoph Randle at University of Leipzig reveals that early rising people are more proactive [1]. This means that the early risers are more able to find workaround for problems and have more acumen to grasp things that are not easy for general people.

In early morning, our brain is more alert and surrounded with innovative ideas and creativity is at it’s peak. It is perhaps the reason why most teachers at school suggests their students to study at early hour of morning. A study by Jun Kohyama [2] supports this view and suggests that early rising children are more active than late risers. One of the reason for this difference could be the involvement of morning light as per the study. This may be because morning sunlight results in greater alertness and activeness.

Interviews of many famous personalities have revealed that they have a habit of waking up early. Apple CEO, Tim Cook once said he wakes at 03:45 to check email, Ellevest CEO and co-founder at Sallie Krawcheck rises at 4 a.m. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks has a schedule of waking up at 4:30 a.m.

Is early rising really going to help me?

The answer to this question is person dependent. The fact that we all cannot fit in same size applies here. People have different types of works and schedules. The early rising may be even counterproductive if you don’t have proper sleep at night. Not only night sleep, but a proper healthy and lite dinner has a same weight for your early morning therapy to work.

Before adapting to any habit and blindly follow your ideal person or a celebrity, first see if this schedule is ideal for your situation. Improper sleep and diet may open new door to health problem, performance distortion and many psychological disorders.

Even if you are okay to wake up early morning and ready to survive on lite diet, this process should be gradual not spontaneous. Start waking up 10 minutes before your regular timing and keep decreasing it by 1-2 min day by day. In the same way, reduce your diet from one morsel from first day. You should even manipulate this idea to what best suits you.


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