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Welcome to tecofers.com, your go-to destination for clear, concise, and comprehensive tutorials covering a wide range of technological topics. I’m Ali Imran Muneeri, and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences in Linux administration, PC and mobile reviews, hosting, and related technologies.

Who We Are

I’m Ali Imran Muneeri, the founder and driving force behind tecofers.com. With a graduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication (2014) and a postgraduate degree in Network Security and Information Security (2020), I’ve been immersed in the world of technology for years. Since 2015, I’ve been exploring the power of Linux, becoming not only a user but an advocate for open source.

Certifications and Expertise

Bringing credibility to the table, I hold certifications as a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), and Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA). Additionally, I’ve worked extensively on AWS, adding a cloud perspective to my expertise.

Our Mission

At tecofers.com, our mission is simple yet profound – to provide you with clear, concise, and comprehensive tutorials. We aim to demystify complex technological topics, making them accessible to everyone, from beginners to seasoned tech enthusiasts.

Topics We Cover

Our content spans a variety of areas, including Linux administration, PC and mobile reviews, hosting, and other related technologies. Whether you’re looking for step-by-step guides or insightful reviews, tecofers.com is your one-stop solution.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

While the world of tech blogs is vast, what sets tecofers.com apart is our commitment to simplicity without compromising depth. We break down intricate concepts into easily digestible pieces, ensuring that learning and staying updated with the latest in technology is an enjoyable experience for our readers.

Passion for Technology

I am not just a blogger; I am a Linux enthusiast and open-source advocate. My passion for technology goes beyond the screen, driving me to explore and share the endless possibilities it offers.

Connect With Us

Engage with us on social media! Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated with the latest tech trends and our newest content.

Notable Achievements

Having previously contributed to howtoforge.com and linuxhandbook.com, I am currently a writer at LinuxHint.com, Baeldung.com, and linux-magazine.com, further enriching my experience and insights into the tech world.

Transparency and Affiliations

We value transparency. While we have no biases, it’s important to note that we do include some affiliate marketing links, helping us sustain tecofers.com and continue providing quality content.

Future Plans

Our journey is ongoing, and our plans include providing a more developed platform and an enhanced experience for our readers. We are committed to evolving with technology, ensuring that tecofers.com remains a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts.


Here’s what some of our readers have to say (LinkedIn messages):
– Alexandre Grivel: “Your article on dkms was enlightening. Great work!”
– Qasim Khan: “Salaamz. Nice Linux articles, keep up the good work!”
– Emmanuel Umeilechukwu: “Read your blog and decided to connect with you.”

Thank you for being a part of the tecofers.com community. Together, let’s explore the ever-evolving world of technology!