I’ve just used Google Gemini to categorize Yoast Transition Words. This is particularly helpful for writing articles, blogs, etc.

I hope this will be helpful for anyone looking to improve SEO on his site or blog:

Yoast-Recognized Transition Words Categorized

CategorySingle WordsMultiple WordsTwo Parts
Cause & Effectaccordingly, because, consequently, conversely, evidently, furthermore, hence, so, therefore, thus, undoubtedlyas a consequence, as a result, for that reason, for this reason, in light of, owing to, seeing that, with the result thatif … then, no sooner … than, so as to
Contrast & Comparisonalthough, but, conversely, contrarily, despite, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, on the contrary, unlike, whereasby comparison, compared to, coupled with, different from, in contrast, on the other handneither … nor
Timeafterward, afterwards, before, during, earlier, eventually, finally, firstly, formerly, forthwith, later, lastly, meanwhile, once, occasionally, presently, previously, shortly, subsequently, then, thereafter, thereupon, thirdly, till, until, when, wheneverat any rate, at first, at last, at length, at this instant, at this point, at this time, by the time, eventually, for now, from time to time, in a while, in due time, in the end, in the first place, in the meantime, in the second place, in the third place, on this occasion, prior to, sooner or later, straight away, till now, until nowno sooner … than
Emphasisespecially, emphatically, indeed, likewise, markedly, particularly, significantly, still, surely, undeniably, unquestionablyabove all, all in all, all things considered, as a matter of fact, at any rate, by all means, by no means, essentially, importantly, in any case, in any event, in conclusion, in essence, in fact, in general, in particular, in short, in sum, in summary, most compelling evidence, most important, not to mention, of course, on balance, point often overlooked, to be sure, to put it another way, to repeat, to rephrase it, without a doubt, without reservation
Addition & Exampleadditionally, also, further, furthermore, moreover, not only … but also, what’s moreas well as, in addition, together with
Explanation & Illustratione.g., i.e., such asas an illustration, for example, for instance, in detail, in other words, to illustrate, take the case of
Concessionadmittedly, although, even though, while it may be true, while this may be true
Yoast-Recognized Transition Words Categorized

Note: Some words fit into multiple categories. They are placed in the category that seems most relevant.

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